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Welcome to our page for prosperity meditation and much more.

We’ve been in the personal development and manifestation business for many years. We have helped people have incredible success with guided meditation for wealth and more since 2000 and we’ve been the helping hand behind numerous stories of victory!

Our focus is to help you receive wealth, abundance and the life you deserve by opening the channel to this energy through tools for prosperity and abundance.

Because we are based on the internet, we able to serve people all over the world! But we are physically located just outside of some of the most powerful and well know energy vortexes in the world in Sedona, Az. This allows us to be privy to techniques and teachings that put us far ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding how energy shifting and audio meditation works.

We don’t like to say that others know less than we do, but the reality is if they don’t have the tools to offer you then they will NOT be able to help you with building abundance and success.

There are so many below average tools out there. That’s why you need the Meditation Up…

We have understood and benefited from meditating for years with the same tools we offer you here! If you’re looking to take your life and abundance to a higher level, then make sure to check out all the tools here!

Meditation Up Is Proud to Offer Guided Meditation for Prosperity & More

We’re here to assist in any way we can including reasonably priced audios and tools for money and personal development. It’s not our goal to take advantage of someone with outrageous prices and inferior tools who is looking to better their life. Providing value is a key contributor to the trust we’ve built in the personal development arena.

If you want the best value, even for auidos for creating true abundance, you’ll love what we can offer you.

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Why Choose Meditation Up?

If you think that money cures everything & if you have money, you are free.

Many people say, “We have cash, we can take care of anything.” Really, anything? If you get sick and roll around in a pile of cash, it won’t make you well. All the cash in the universe won’t get rid illness. Tons of wealth can’t take care of your heart. But understanding abundance can.

Money is simply a medium. It’s not the definitive answer. Abundance has to come out of the integrity of wisdom and the correct tools. We are all who we are and at some point we have meet our needs as well as the common good and that’s called wisdom. Then there can be happiness and abundance.

So use a great tool (like we offer) for wealth and abundance and see the difference it will make for cleansing and connecting with the “energy” of abundance.  

We understand that when you can reach the state of mind where we can feel the abundance, it will fill our lives. And we have the tools to help you do just that.

We want to help you understand that you have an unlimited reserve of energy. Once you summon your energy, there is nothing that you can’t do. All your greatest desires start flooding in. It’s beautiful.

What Our Customers Say

“This team really went above and beyond. They were really helpful and responsive while I was getting things set up and provided some essential tips to tweak my process that helped get the results I wanted :). I would definitely recommend working with them.”
~ Amy N.

“These guys are just amazing. They delivered more than promised and assisted me with valuable information. I will definitely work with them again and you should too :).”
~ Rock B.

“Thank you so much..I always try to find your information every time I open my email... Such wonderful and encouraging words...Love your help sooooooo much..thank you.”
~ Jo

Tips For Guided Meditation For Prosperity

Our Prosperity Tools

We offer and will be offering a wide variety of tools for you to boost your abundance levels:

• Meditation For Abundance

• Night Time Meditations

• Guided Meditation Success

• Prosperity Sleep Meditations

• Personal Development Jewelry

• Wealth Affirmations

• Guided Meditation For Prosperity

• Audios For Creating True Prosperity

• Personal Development Audios

• And More

We Want to Help You with Meditations for Wealth and Prosperity

We all have to deal with a less than perfect life these days.

Happy lady who is prosperous However, there is a way to abundance and wealth. If the mind and subconscious is open, if you instinctively live a mindful life, you will always have abundance. When you are pulling these things in like a magnet, they will seek you put. The universe knows your needs, especially when you speak them through affirmations or guided audio. You don’t have to go to the mountaintops and yell help! It’s all within you just waiting to break free. But if you don’t accept that you deserve it, prosperity will never come. It will be blocked.

Honestly, trust and believe. One day, somewhere, simply be yourself and trust that you deserve wealth and abundance in every part of your life. Let everything else that dragging you down just go. On that day you will find you are deserving, and the abundance will flow to you naturally.

Besides that, you will realize that the very joy of you being who you are is the most important of all.  It will remove all your self-doubt; your pain and you’ll find that you can bring everything into your life that you desire.

We practice meditating to create true prosperity, and we found it within ourselves, and we want to help you. We are reaching out to you to help you have a life that is true and has no lies because it works if you let it. It can be your life of reality that makes you feel abundant and prosperous. Yet, you might still not want to listen to it and may be skeptical.

It can be damaging if you don’t listen to the fact from your own self that you are deserving of abundance and wealth. And you may not understand the true fact that you have a very valuable life. A prosperous life is a gift. A gift you deserve. Life is demanding. Don’t wander away from this that you are entitled to. Be abundant. You can begin easily with our guided meditation for prosperity and additional tools here.

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OK, I Want Prosperity, So What Do I Do Next?

Meditate.  We have thousands of thoughts racing through our heads daily. Out of all of those some become feelings and following that those feelings turn into emotions and then those emotions develop into desires. It’s a continual cycle. But we need to free up a little space. When our brain gets packed with ideas and desires, it begins skipping over important areas, and pushes away energy from your desires.  Then you have no more room for any more prosperity. You are stuck where you are.

You can free up more space in your energy field by using the prosperity audios and other tools on this page.  Choose what speaks to you, find a quiet place and use these tools to go inside yourself and connect to that energy… to open more space to let it enter. You’ll be surprised how well it works!